You can experience a complete anal development that is different from the past methods.

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2018/ 11/ 30
You can experience a complete anal development that is different from the past methods.
Dry orgasm, prostate ejaculation, squirting etc,
Anal development by our experienced specialists with high development probability.
☆ What is anal development ☆
By reaching the prostate through the rectum, it will develop into a body that can have dry orgasm, prostate ejaculation.
Because it is an orgasm without ejaculation (dry orgasm), it is possible to have continuous orgasms in a row.In addition, it is a completely different orgasm from ejaculation pleasure, it feels just like female orgasm which is deeper and can be repeated many times and feels beyond good .
By developing these things, you can experience deep pleasure and feminine orgasm that you have never felt before.
Also doing anal development will not result in the anus getting loose or losing tightness. It is the pelvic muscle that controls the discharge of feces, instead by massaging the prostate it improves the flow of body fluids that is stagnating, and the sphincter muscle is trained by repeating contraction movement.
Anal pleasure is different from male ejaculation , it is feels like a wave of continuous pleasure that makes you moan like a woman.
In addition, the degree of pleasure will deepen as you develop further, and you can get various pleasures such as prostate ejaculation, squirting, dry orgasm, orgasms in other places other than anus reaching all the way to the brain!
☆ There are individual differences in the development of anal orgasm so it does not necessarily mean that everyone will experience similar development. Moreover there will be both uncomfortable feelings and pleasant sensations that are felt in the anus. First of all, you should leave everything to the Queen and relax, the desire to experience the pleasures of Anal development will ease the process.

☆ If you get a sense of orgasm for the first time with anal, receiving anal development again within a month will lead to a smoother orgasms.





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